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It does not matter what your background is or where you come from, fear has gripped all of us in some form or fashion in life. The severity of what has happened has a way of triggering different emotions or trauma in our brain which brings us to a point of wondering if we are loved, wanted, or even celebrated. However scripture tell us God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. The first thing He gives us is love. This love causes supernatural change. God himself is love. When we began to take up the cause of love, it begins to then fight a battle in us and for us. We must realize that we are loved and completely wanted. We are not a mistake. God loves us even when bad things happen. Every day we must choose to live in this love and as we do it starts to minimize every tactic of fear in our lives. Love dismantles fear so now we are able to stand in a place of courage and confidence. Now love gives way to power to stand against the wiles, tricks, and tactics of the enemy. It builds up our ability to stand so we are not wavering or backsliding into the old but we get stronger and stronger which now allows that power to give way unto soundness of mind. Soundness of mind then makes us concrete in our thinking to the truth which is now the providing thought in our heart and in our mind. God does love me, now we are no longer slave to lies of the enemy.

What if you have found yourself in a place of judgment? What we find lacking in our lives is true discipleship.God has a way of putting people in your life that can express to you who you really are and how much you are really wanted. It’s a beautiful thing for the church to have the ability to love unconditionally. Even if you have found yourself in a place of judgment or criticism seek out those who are willing to help mentor and disciple you and whom exhibit the true love of God.


In this particular journal our focus is to highlight scriptures that teaches us

how to overcome fear and stand up in the love of God. Take time to meditate on

these scriptures asking God to enlighten us and build within us the ability to

love with power and a sound mind. It is our time to pray the prayer of faith

and stand fearless in the sight of every situation or circumstance regardless

of what it seems. It’s our strategy, it’s a mindset that we be courageous and


Fear Not 31 Day Devotional

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